Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Club!

See that face up there? That's grad school face. The messy ponytail, the sallow/washed out complexion, the dark circles under the eyes, the unkempt eyebrows. It's all there. But, as I happen to be of a rather fantastic disposition lately, I am trying to remain as balanced as possible (the whole compartmentalizing trick -- it works!) and not be swallowed whole by my last semester. I've yet to figure out how sleep factors into that but I am at least doing my best to squeeze in some healthy extracurriculars such as:

dating (insert giggle)
writing letters (I promised some of you mail and you will get it)
culture (else why live in this city?)
non-school reading

The last is easy to ignore, as I currently have a stack of five books to read for my thesis and that's just the beginning, but Meg Fee's book club has made it all the more appealing. I love her blog and have been meaning to meet her since I moved to this city, so I'm excited to get the chance and to remember how fun reading is.

Part of understanding me as a human is knowing that in 7th and 8th grade I was given a "job" in the library at my middle school. I spent so much time there (in fact, all of the time that I was not in class) that the librarian let me spend my reading period and half an hour after school checking in returned books. As payment I got to keep The Complete Works of William Shakespeare checked out and never had to return it. At the end of 8th grade she let me take it home and I still read from it all the time. 

But you know how these things go, you're forced to read about metadata and copyright law and "How Video Works" and before long your brain can't function beyond the next episode of GLEE and a 140 character tweet. Thirteen-year-old me (let's be honest, pre-internet me) would be disappointed. So, I bought the book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society ($8 on Amazon if you'd like to join me) and am joining book club. Though the last one I was in ended badly when we were asked to read Twilight (I tried, I really did, but it killed my soul), I have high hopes already for this one. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy the company, and I'm already enjoying the first book. It's a story about a book club formed to cope with the Nazi occupation of the Channel Islands, and it's getting me psyched to be a part of a one!

Also, it feels pretty good to get in bed at night (even if it's excruciatingly late) and get wrapped into a book rather than the vortex of gmail/Twitter/Tumblr/Google Reader.

Is anyone else in NYC going to Meg's book club?


  1. Amazing book.
    I loved it...
    I wish I could fly to NY just for this club.

  2. i'm back!!!! and i missed your blog! :) i love me some books but haven't had a lot of time to read it seems. Just bought three new books so I will need to get on that. :)