Monday, February 28, 2011

Danielle and Jimmy's baby shower

My buddies Danielle and Jimmy are having a baby! I'm late posting this because my life is so busy right now that I can hardly sleep or form complete sentences, but I wanted to get it up because looking at baby stuff reminds me that there is more to life than grad school. Also it just makes me happy. They don't know the baby's sex, which made shopping for their shower last weekend all the more exciting. I considered getting practical things that will help D&J through their first year as parents but my biological clock fritzed out from the excitement of gender-neutral baby gifts and I ended up just buying a bunch of uber-hip baby shirts and a book that I kind of want to own myself. It is now impossible for me to go into American Apparel and not find something new that their baby needs. I'm insane. Here are some of my favorites.
Their New York shower (there was a Dallas one too back in December that I forgot to blog about) was beautiful! We had a lovely brunch at D's friend Kim's apartment, played a couple games and talked babies.
Danielle looked radiant! 
Sigh. I'm so happy for my friends. The baby is due March 25th -- THE SAME DAY B WAS DUE! Maybe he or she will come a few days early and share the raddest birthday ever (March 21st) with my dude.

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  1. March 21st is a very rad day, that's my anniversary! :) Cute baby stuff. I love not knowing the gender! How fun!