Saturday, March 26, 2011

"good for the soul"

I think I've worn that phrase out lately. I've learned a lot in the last year about taking care of myself, as graduate school nerves and stress have been know to wreak havoc on my emotional and physical well-being. To say the least. So I decided to take the best advice I got from one of last year's MIAP grads, Siobahn, who told me to learn to say "no" when I need to. So this week has been about recovery. I was feeling under the weather and completely emotionally spent after "Spring Break" and have a thesis to present next week. Recovery is what I need. Wednesday Swinny and I went to visit our friend Moya for a much-needed writing session. There, in her lovely apartment full of books and cats, chatting and drinking tea with two lovely women, I felt revived and calm -- almost normal.
 (How great is that picture of Peeps face-down in the pillow?)

Then I skipped a class trip. Yep. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't risk getting sicker, I needed to breathe and decompress and not feel panicky and claustrophobic, as I do now every morning when I wake up (no matter how relaxing the previous night is). Instead I let myself sleep in, drank some Emergen-C and tea, and leisurely made my way to Bobst Library where I proceeded to have a major writing breakthrough. I think the library is the place I feel most at home. I love the smell of books, the quiet and the shared energy of others reading and working hard. You can feel when minds around you are at work and I find it motivational. I particularly love Bobst for all of its unexplored corners, like this one on the 10th floor with the stunning view of the cold, rainy sky over Washington Square Park. I think there is maybe nothing better than a room with book shelves and enormous windows.
 Taso met me at Bobst and I talked him into a Whole Foods run. I've talked enough about how much I love that place but really, it's my favorite. I stocked up on all of the fresh things I could fit into one bag, and traveled back to Brooklyn. Once back in the peace of my lovely apartment, I took an obscenely long shower, washed my hair and then proceeded to the kitchen. With bare feet and wet curls hanging down my back, I put on Adele's new album (I doubt there is anyone of my age and gender who doesn't love this album) and began to sing and chop. I chopped up massive amounts of arugula, watercress and cucumber and tossed them with baby spinach, pitted kalamata olives, fresh lemon juice and cracked pepper in my big pink salad bowl, then piled them as high I could manage on fresh bread. I recognize that those of you who made it through that story are probably bored to tears, but man. Between the soulfulness of that album, and the satisfaction of chopping up green things and packing myself delicious, healthy lunches like a grownup, "I revived and was an emperor." 
(There is always a reason to quote Shakespeare.)
So there you go. There's my totally self indulgent post of the day. I'm sitting in a grad study room trying to put together some sort of coherent presentation for next week, and just needed to take a brief break and relive a couple of simple, glorious days. I am almost at the end and have not cracked up yet. There is hope

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    also, i'm obsessed with the fact that you got the ENTIRE family in one candid photo. obsessed.

    my advice re: the presentation is to include one photo of joan crawford. doesn't have to make sense. can be a tiny thumbnail down in the corner. but one photo of JC FTW.

    p.s. i <2 you^∞