Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I did something bad.

I opted for a more enjoyable form of therapy. I ordered the dress I've been lurking for the last year, citing my need for something pretty in which to present my thesis (if I ever decide to actually, you know, write it). I can't afford this dress, and I also probably can't fit into it right now, but it's just the perfect shade of cerulean and I need it.
In other news, I am cancer-free. This isn't big news, we knew it wasn't going to be that serious. Precautionary measures and what not. Okay, back to writing. Hopefully it will resemble English today.


  1. you get that dress lady! umm...i think we need a coffee date. so glad you're cancer free. and so think we need to know each other in real life.

  2. so jealous! this one's been on my list forever! yay for being cancer free! :)

  3. puh-rit-tay! (pretty!) And.. UM... YOU BETTER BE CANCER FREE! Woman. I miss you.

  4. NICE.

    I had to get a chunk removed from my breast (boob? are there less yucky words for this?) cause they thought it was cancerous. Turns out it wasn't but OKayyy now I have scare there. whatevr.