Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm not dead.

I spent Spring Break in Texas, hoping to get thesis research done in Denton during the day, zen out with B all night and then head to Austin to see my beloved friends and celebrate B's birthday amidst the SXSW fun. But, as happens more often than not, things did not go according to plan. We spent the week trying to diagnose and then treat B's pneumonia, Grandma had a particularly rough go with her last chemo treatment, I slept very little and I got nothing done. Not enough time with the family, not enough time working, no research and no Austin.

I'm back in the city now, trying desperately to catch up and nursing a cold. A week away from thesis presentations. Here are some pictures of my kitty and my sick kiddo getting a new skateboard for his birthday. We tried to have a Star Wars marathon and go to dinner but neither worked out too well.

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