Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two fantastic surprises this morning.

1. A surprise of my favorite treats left on my doorstep by the Starbucks fairy. The Greek Starbucks fairy.
2. My TCM badge!!! I could have kissed the FedEx guy. Ashley and I are going to TCM again this year!
Ooh, I'm a lucky girl. I tried so hard to be grouchy this morning, but how could I after this? I am writing again, trying so hard to make a sound argument without leaving things out. I'm notorious for assuming everyone reading my papers already knows what I'm talking about, and therefore leaving out information that I don't realize is crucial. Hhhnnnggg. I'm nervous. B is still super sick. I'm worried. He's been to the doctor twice and had a fever for several days. He never gets sick, so this is all very disconcerting for both of us. I just hope he feels better before his big birthday party this weekend. Okay, enough with the distraction game. Back to work!

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