Saturday, March 5, 2011

we got a kitty...

That title is less enthusiastic than you might think it would be. Yes, the ladies of #apt2b (our official Twitter hashtag) got a kitty. She's five months old and beautiful and I think we've decided to name her Queen Mab but call her Hillary Rodham Kitten on occasion, as the situation calls for it. Unfortunately, kitty girl does not love us quite as much as we love her. 
Or at all. 
...She hates us.
This is made worse by the fact that she is actually a ninja. We were convinced we'd lost her yesterday. Swinny tore apart the house, search parties were formed, tears were nearly shed... But she was not lost. No, she had managed to wedge herself into a 3-inch space between my bed and the heater, behind the curtain that is tucked into my bed. I can't even imagine how she did it. That's not even a place! But there she was. As soon as she was discovered she flattened herself against my bed and tried to literally disappear. When this didn't work she bolted so fast that I couldn't make out which direction she went, and she was gone again. We just want to love her! (I miss Splinter.)


  1. Haha, awww.. I'm sure over time she will learn to love you.

  2. awww, I can't wait til she's over it and you post a billion cute & cuddly pictures of her!