Tuesday, April 19, 2011

city in passing.

Life is a blur. The days pass faster than I can even register. There aren't enough hours for all the things I need to accomplish. The April 26th thesis deadline is looming. I've ceased being an active participant in the world around me, and I miss it. I don't have much to show and tell here these days. No one wants to hear about how I spent four days lamenting over one paragraph or the latest article I read on 4k digital cinema. So, here is a picture of my world lately, as told by the snapshots I've taken on my way to and from.

A gorgeous little house in Park Slope, taken on my way to the Tea Lounge for studying.

Remember this? B's school from our life in Chelsea, the reason he moved back to Texas. I passed by it on my way to a class trip and it made me sad. I miss packing his lunch every morning and walking him the three blocks to PS 11. He went through a lot there, but there were good learning experiences for both of us as well.

A jarring juxtaposition of nature and structure in Midtown that stopped me in my hurried tracks.

The cutest latte cup ever at my classmate Candace's birthday brunch.

If you follow my instagram (@brittanclaire), you've already seen these. I'm sorry, I just don't have much else these days. But! I will be going to the TCM Classic Film Fest next week (post-thesis turn in) and will have all sort of fabulous Hollywood-related things to show and tell. I just have to make it through this week.

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