Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Graduated

It's been hard to blog lately. I'm going through a weird time. I've finished grad school, I'm a Master of Arts (though I still have work to do on my thesis - it never ends) and now I get to go back to my little boy. This is what I've been working toward and dreaming of since he left New York, and I'm thrilled. However, things are not like they used to be at home. My grandma is sick, B is going through a hard time, my bedroom is occupied by a new tenant, I don't have a car, I have crazy student loan debt... and I don't have a job. The moving truck is coming June 1st and I don't know what's next. I don't know where I'm going to live or work or when this is going to pay off. I'm going to miss my home in the city so much. I've always hated uncertainty, and right now nothing in my life is certain. It's scary times. 

As I write this I'm sick, I am having the worst cramps of my life and I am having a really hard time cleaning up the last section of my thesis. Maybe when this has all passed I'll be more optimistic. Right now I'm just waiting for a door to open. (Seriously, if you know of any open doors, any at all, I will gladly run through them. Spare bedroom? Job in Alaska? I'll take it. I will literally do anything anywhere at this point.)

I should tell you about my graduation. There is no walking across the stage or calling out of individual names at NYU, so I just went to the Tisch Salute, a chance for Tisch School of the Arts students to be recognized by department, and a much smaller and more fun affair than the school-wide commencement. Everyone in my class was there except Erik, and everyone brought their families. I brought Gregg, Macario, Justin and his boyfriend William because, if I have nothing else, I have the very best friends in the entire world. They were beside me when I graduated from SMU and didn't let my little move across the country deter them from being there for this one. They flew up from Austin and Dallas for the week to watch me get my M.A. and help me say goodbye to NYC. It was perfect and I'll post all about it but for now, some graduation photos (with captions below).

1. Moving Image Archiving and Preservation class of '11 minus Erik: Ashley, June, Sam L., Candace, Moi, Sam O. We did it!
2. Apparently there are NYU bagpipers. Not a bad way to be ushered into the ceremony.
3. Brian Grazer addressing the graduates.
4. James Franco was in my graduating class.
5. My roommates brought flasks to make it through the part where the Dean talks about all of the incredibly successful people who have come from our school that we will never live up to.
6. Ashley and I pretended we were matriculating into dragonhood.
7. My cheering section.
8. My MIAP family.
9. Justin and Gregg, my very best friends and biggest supporters.
10. My Taso.


  1. Such great photos. Congratulations! I'm happy to read anything--and I will ask my Dallas friend to ask around for you.

  2. Congrats Brittain! Such an amazing accomplishment! I know of some PR/Marketing agencies that are hiring in Dallas. Also check DFW Communicators for comms jobs around here! <3