Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saying goodbye to the city, or being reclaimed by Texas.

Ugh. Sorry, guys. After the thesis hell and then entertaining multiple sets of visitors in the city for a couple weeks, I came down with a nasty upper respiratory infection. Now that I'm getting better, all I have time for is packing. You see, I'm moving back to Texas on Wednesday. My feelings on the matter vary wildly from one day to the next, but I'm trying to be optimistic. The sweetest way I could ever imagine saying goodbye to New York would be to have my best friends come visit from Texas, show them all the city has to offer, and send them off with the promise that I'll be there soon. The fact that I got to do that was proof that life is good and I should never complain again. It was wonderful. Just wonderful. I felt like my life in Texas came to reclaim me, to invite me back and remind me that there is so much waiting for me there, and so much I have to give back to the place and people who cared for me for 24 years. Here's a taste of how their visit went:
So much shopping, so much walking, so much food. Museums, Broadway shows, rooftop drinking, the parts of New York I never go to because they're full of people and I'm too busy/kind of snobby. It was nice to see the sights and remember why people love this city so much. It was nice to see my roommates laughing with Justin and Gregg, and feel complete and relaxed for the first time in months with my favorite people around me. 

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