Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TCM Classic Film Fest Day 1

Ashley and I went back to Los Angeles this year for round two of the TCM Classic Film Festival. It was, once again, an incredible experience for fans of classic film and a life affirming experience for Brittan. When we arrived on Thursday we went straight to the Roosevelt hotel to tape a segment for the TCM "My Retrospective." 
We had our makeup done and filmed for an hour in the Roosevelt hotel penthouse (check out the sweet view). We talked about why we love classic film and what inspired us to work on a degree in film preservation. For both of us, TCM was a big part of that. I'll let everyone know when the segment is ready to be seen!

We went from there to the opening night screening of An American in Paris (1951), starring probably my favorite entertainer of all time, Gene Kelly, at Grauman's. It was so great to see his big tap number to "I Got Rhythm" on the big screen, and I love seeing anything at Grauman's. The projection, sound, atmosphere and audience are always perfect there. Leslie Caron (the other star of the film) was in attendance to talk about her experience, as was Gene Kelly's widow (I seriously almost fainted even being in her presence) and a slew of stars who were there to catch the screening. 

From there we headed to the opening night party at Club TCM at the Roosevelt. I've been to lots of film festivals and never seen a festival lounge as beautiful or well staffed as Club TCM. It had a dance floor, three full bars, beautiful vintage film posters and spilled outside to the pool area.
The first night was magical. You can't evoke the old Hollywood feeling anywhere else like you can on Hollywood Blvd with hundreds of people in vintage clothes who love old movies enough to come from all over the world to watch them on the big screen. Ashley and I made lots of new friends, and saw old friends from last year's fest and the film preservation world. We also saw Leslie Caron and Rose McGowan in the ladies room and Ashley almost knocked Peter O'Toole over. The pictures of Grauman's and the lounge were taken by TCM photographers. The ones I took of the same things on my iPhone couldn't compete. I really wish I had a clearer picture of our ridiculous Betsey Johnson dresses. Way more to come from the next three days soon!


  1. what's wrong with the ones we took in the mirror right before leslie caron showed up and crashed our dungeon baño photo sesh?

  2. Can't wait to hear more! You both look beautiful here. My friend Jane meets Mrs. Gene Kelly every year as both judge the Gene Kelly high school musical awards.

  3. moya, remind me to read you the series of texts i sent brittan while walking two miles up and down hollywood/vine in that dress.

    day 1 conclusion: i can't decide if i want to bone gene or pat kelly more.