Sunday, June 26, 2011

a happy day

What I would have given to be back in New York yesterday.

It was a historic day, a victory so many people have been waiting a long time for.

New York granting marriage equality seems to signify a shift, hope for the rest of the country.

How I wished to be there to see the Empire State Building from Washington Square Park (like I used to nearly every night) lit up with PRIDE, to celebrate with strangers in my old neighborhood on the west side, to hug the people I love and reflect on the goodness that's out there and the change that's possible.

When I told B the news he jumped up and down and high fived me. I could tell he saw it as a victory too, for our friends and for his rock hero. He said to me, "Man, I bet Freddie Mercury is up there dancin' in Heaven!"

I see it as a chance for him to grow up in a world that's a little more accepting, a little more fair.

It does get better and, though it doesn't always seem so, it is getting better

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