Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dr. Pepper Festival

The official soft drink of Texas turned 120 last weekend with a big celebration in Dublin, Texas. Between the Greek birthday theme, my love of carnivals/street fairs and the like, and B's Dr. Pepper obsession (I don't let him drink it but once he had Dublin DP at a taco place in Austin and decided it was the nectar of the gods - the fact that I don't let him drink makes it all the more exciting), we decided it was time for a trip to Dublin. There they still have the original DP bottling plant (it's one room) with equipment from the 1930s and use pure cane sugar instead of the corn syrup that's used in regular DP. Dublin DP is the tastiest and I decided to give B a free pass for the day. It was hot but the Dr. Pepper frosties helped.
1937 machinery. Old, reused crates and bottles that they wash and resell in Dublin.
B was shockingly great at all the carnival games.
Never happier.
Taso made off with one of the old crates because I just wanted it so bad. Splinter has since claimed it.


  1. AHHHHH THIS IS MY ELYSIAN FIELDS. did B actually use the phrase "nectar of the gods" or was that you describing his reaction? either way, totes my child.

  2. MAN. Porter would have LOVED this. Do they do this yearly or do you know? Porter is obsessed with Dublin DP. It's just better.

  3. Swinnz, "nectar of the gods" was the phrasing used at the festival (what with the greek theme and all) and when B saw that he was like "YES. YES IT IS." and then adopted the phrase for the rest of the weekend.

    Kels, They do it every year (this was just a big one so they went all out). You can even buy crates of Dublin DP to take home!