Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kobe and Missy

My old friend Missy and her husband Ryan were in town over the weekend on photography business and they made time to take me to my favorite restaurant for an early birthday dinner. I've been going to Kobe once or twice a year since I was 2, with the exception of the last two years that I was in New York. The mushroom soup is my all time favorite and the huge plate of fresh veggies they give me usually gives me two meals worth of leftovers. Kobe was a birthday/Christmas tradition in my family and I'm happy to reclaim it. (I think I'll start hashtagging stuff like this #reasonstonothatedallas #optimism.) B also loves it and breaks his vegetarianism for the shrimp every time. This time we got the room where you sit on the floor and the 6-year-old inside me was thrilled. We indulged in pre-dinner Japanese Fruit Punch and chocolate mousse instead of the usual green tea ice cream. It's heaven. They also sang to me in Japanese because Missy told them it was my birthday, and I was sufficiently embarrassed. I didn't get any pictures of my main course because I was distracted with putting it in my belly as quickly as possible and teaching B to use chopsticks (we've been working at it for years). 
So many leftovers. Thanks for hanging out with us, Missy! We love you!

P.S. Can you believe how giant my son is?

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