Saturday, June 18, 2011

This summer I am:

1. Attempting to learn Greek. So far I know how to say:

all day

The problem is I can't write them because the Greek alphabet is a whole other level of confusing and I feel awkward writing them phonetically. Just trust me that I now know how to say these six words by heart.

2. Working part time at a mechanic shop.

3. Literally (maybe not but probably) melting to death. See below.

4. Dealing with that by eating lots of Bahama Bucks sno cones. This is my signature cone that I have dubbed the "SNOtorious B.I.G." - Grape and Jamaican Rum. Someone - anyone - please appreciate that with me. I'm so clever/baller I can hardly stand it. 

5. Going to Duck Pond Park, but only at sunset when it's not as hot. It's me and B's favorite place to sit on a blanket and feed the ducks. B likes to walk to the other side of the lake alone and I begrudgingly let him because independence is important and it's really not that big of a deal and I can still see him and blah blah. I still don't like it.

6. Going to lots of meetings for things that I hope happen soon because unemployment (or partial unemployment) is the worst.

7. Spending a lot of time indoors.

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