Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I had a quiet, contemplative morning yesterday. I spent a lot of time thinking about how we end up in the lives and roles that we do. How I ended up a white women in the United States with the freedom to choose religion, have a family or not, pursue whims and dreams, work hard at one thing or another of my choosing, have a political voice... I owe the comfort and promise of my life to many people who came before my time who believed in freedom and equality, and sacrificed their lives for progress. I know in my heart that being born into this country (that I admittedly so often dream of leaving for a more remote lifestyle abroad) has been a huge blessing. I felt very humbled to have so much freedom. I remember learning about how humans organize themselves in poli-sci in college, about the nature of man and how we construct governments. While I am often discouraged by things like Sarah Palin and that same sex marriage isn't recognized in the state I now live in, I do feel very lucky to live in a country in which women can run for president, gay people have a voice and change is possible. That was a humbling thought, and it made me feel a bit more grateful to be celebrating with people I love around me.

We went to two pool parties this year, one with family - lots of kids, baseball in the yard - and one with friends - aging skateboarders, explosives. B and I were the awkward vegetarians at the barbecue, as per usual, but we had a great time. He hasn't gone to sleep as easily as he did last night in a long time.

Put a bunch of skateboarders together, give them a lighter, beer and some cheap fireworks and you get: exploding hacky sack, setting an entire pack of sparklers on fire and jumping into the pool with it, holes burned into t-shirts, etc.
We played dice and listened to fireworks go off around us (Taso and I got to see a big fireworks show the night before - see below), then went home to tuck B in bed and curl up on the couch watching House Hunters International because we were too exhausted for Battlestar Gallactica. I was happy for the simple life we have, that we don't drink but still have fun at parties, that we have the raddest friends and family, that we are just as happy watching HGTV on the couch as anything else. I hope you all had a happy 4th of July too!

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