Tuesday, July 26, 2011

being green.

after getting into a routine that looks like this:
i decided to live it up this past weekend by eating dairy and not working out.

and i feel... bad.

bad bad bad.

which is good because that means physically, on the whole, i'm feeling... better?

yep, the green monster and farmers market are my friends.

i've been working out at the rec center while b goes to swim team and i've found that i (with the help of lady gaga and britney) can pack a good little workout into 45 minutes. i feel so much better than i did a month ago, have an easier time waking up (this is a long running problem for me) and am more physically and emotionally resilient when my body feels healthy, which is great considering the stress my emotions are under.

this is all obvious, right?

well it's hot like the fires of hades right now and that kind of weather puts me in a bad mood or, as the lovely meg put it, turns me into a terrible person. when i'm terrible i'm far less likely to take the time to be nice to myself and a catch 22 situation is born. so here are the little things i'm doing to keep my head in the right place:

mini yoga sessions whenever i need them
kale/spinach/fruit/flaxseed/ice "green monster"
arugula just, like, all the time
little prayers of thanks
meditation on my goals

i've also taken to making my own dressing (usually evoo, ginger, tamari, whatever fresh herb i have on hand, raw honey and sometimes even a little flaxseed meal whipped up in the food processor) to pour over my salad and steamed veggies, and some variation on the super healthy cookie crumble found at the bottom of this post. (meg is getting a lot of love in this post. maybe because her blog so often inspires me to be healthy.) both are delicious and make me feel like i'm pigging out.

i grew up on boxed mac n cheese, canned vegetables, ramen noodles and water only if it was added to a sugary drink mix - the diet of a latchkey kid. but i was also a dancer and learned to be very in tune with my body, especially as a teenager. my physical and emotional (spiritual?) beings have always been deeply connected, and i'm still walking the long, confusing path toward properly aligning them. it's never really been a goal for me as much as a journey that began when i became vegetarian at age 10.

i still eat handfuls of my son's popcorn at the movies just because it's there and have homer simpson-esque daydreams about the vegetarian poutine i devoured in toronto, but i try in the day-to-day to spend time picking out and preparing healthy food and taking care of myself.

i just want to be better.


  1. i need to start drinking those green drinks... way to go girl!

  2. I love this post and you inspire me--all this looks so delicious.