Friday, July 8, 2011

Date Night

Dallas pizza just can't compare with New York. It just can't. We sampled some of the best tonight but, after experiencing Brooklyn pizza, I am forever ruined. Regardless, I still polished off a pie and thoroughly enjoyed conversation with my favorite conversation partner. His skateboard street cred was in full effect and I successfully wore my white Betsey Johnson skirt (of 25th birthday fame) for the first time. We were quite the pair. Afterward we saw Midnight in Paris, which was just absolutely wonderful. I'll give it its own post, because you don't just haphazardly toss a Woody Allen masterpiece in with your Instagram pictures and date night stories, do you?

Of all the fun we had tonight, I think I liked the drive downtown best. I'm more than a little uncomfortable being back in this city, so we brainstormed and talked about the future. It's such a relief to spend my days with someone who doesn't pressure me or argue, who knows me and reads me well, and listens to what I have to say. It wasn't always this way and I don't take it for granted. I felt beautiful tonight, pretty and confident, full of hope and optimism -- the way I felt on our first date nearly four years ago. The way you should feel on a date! 


  1. You look so pretty and confident too--I am so glad you are both having a great time in Dallas together.

  2. haha, i love what you said about haphazardly tossing in a masterpiece with a date night post...that's exactly what i did for Tree of Life. HA! i find it hard to express my appreciation of art and beauty in my own blog. i write it more like a journal. i love how you separate out films and things to give them the true discussion they deserve. i think i am going to try to do more of that. meanwhile i love the simple little fun activities posts too! you are adorable.