Tuesday, July 19, 2011

on getting sleep and cheering up.

It is miraculous what a solid 8 hours can do.

I was in the worst mood yesterday (oh, you couldn't tell?), mostly mad that I'd missed chances to see friends who are leaving town and moving. I felt so isolated as I was slaving away over my thesis and now I'm back here with nothing much to do but still find that I'm always missing my friends. Wah wah, right? I threw a pity party and then realized how stupid it was and am over it.

Bright side: I had a great time bonding with B all weekend, even if he was sick for much of it. We got out of the house a bit to explore Anthropologie (he says he hated it but he was just as into sorting through all the little door knobs and handles as I was), Barnes and Noble and Central Market. It's so hot here, sometimes you just have to go into air conditioned places and browse. We watched lots of movies, cooked meals together and hung out. These days that we're getting to spend together are so precious to me.

I'm resolving to not let my lack of money dictate my mood so much. I'm better than that. I'm resolving to take care of my body and mind a little better, sleep more. So let it be written, so let it be done.

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