Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Movie Tally

1. Midnight in Paris

Came, saw, loved. Old fashioned movie making in the best possible way. So full of joy! Will be in my Top 10, no doubt.

2. Tree of Life
No one responded to my Tree of Life post, but I do hope people see it. I think it will prove to be a very important film, and that there is something very personal for everyone to be found in it. I had a discussion about it with my friends James and Amy the other day, and was happy to find that they were as moved (and impressed) as I was but in different ways. Do let me know if you see it and what your thoughts are.

3. Conan O'Brien Can't Stop
Holy crap this documentary wore me out. I don't know how he does it, honestly. I know he makes millions and all that, but if I had to talk to that many people I would probably go into shock and never leave my house again. Taso aptly renamed it Conan O'Brien: Professional Mingler. Still, it loses some points in my book for making me like Conan less than I did going in. By the end I was kind of tired of hearing him complain when that lifestyle is so obviously his choice.

4. Cars 2
Bleh. Pixar's first real miss in my opinion. Taso and B liked it... I felt like it dragged on for 5,000 hours and made no sense, but I'm sure it will make lots of money. Everyone in our theater thought Mater was hilarious. *super dramatized eye roll*

5. Bridesmaids
Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wiig join Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in my "who I want to be when I grow up" club, and I think Maya Rudolph, in particular, is a great actress. I almost wish there had been less romantic comedy and just focused on the friend story, because it was so good on its own. Obviously I also love seeing so many funny ladies in leading roles.

6. Dogtooth, Lanthimos (2009)
This is my Netflix recommendation for the summer. Yes, it's old news but it's on Netflix Instant now and is an excellent change of pace from the big budget productions you'll see at the theater. It's totally messed up, and I'm still not sure if it was funny or dramatic, but it will stick with you. I loved it.

Still to see:

Bad Teacher

Hanna (I was so excited to see this for months before it was released but, sadly, it opened in the midst of thesis hell and I missed its run in theaters. I'll have to find the Blu-ray when it comes out.)
X-Men: First Class
I just can't make myself sit through Transformers 3. I love going to popcorn movies in the summer and like my share of terrible movies, but this series is just too disheartening for me. I'm genuinely not interested in anything else that's out right now. I'm actually not even very interested in the X-Men movies anymore, but I grew up such a fan of the comics/cartoons and feel a bit obligated.

What have you seen? It's so hot in Texas that I want to live in the movie theater, so please share your recommendations. And finally, let's not forget...



  1. I had such a spiritual experience in Tree of Life. There are some really cool comparisons to my religion in it that are expressed so beautifully in the film.
    Also I was wrapped that there were quite a few parts filmed in Utah.

    and Midnight in Paris..oh my goshh. and owen wilson really is such a cool guy. I wish that rachel McAdams had even been a little more likeable so that his decision to leave her might have even be a little hard. but that's okay.

    Have you seen the trailer for Another Earth?
    I'm really interested.

  2. You would totally get me then- yes! I'm glad. Even being at odds with the church- I think the film handled those type of spiritual matters really beautifully. No mormon has ever made something like that, that's for sure. Yet I felt so connected to it aesthetically and then also because of things that have sort of been rooted in my knowledge and understanding. Also, how I look at the world. The cinematography was incredible.

    I'm seeing it again tomorrow actually. Gotta get my head around the beauty of it and understand it a little better.