Monday, August 22, 2011

All cleaned up for 4th grade.

The boy's hair was out of control. 

I support his decision to be a long haired hippie and what not, but this mess needed to be tamed.
After a disastrous cut that ended up looking like a little girl's bob (how hard is a decent cut for a boy who wants to keep his hair longish, really?), we decided to try out Floyd's 99 Barbershop on Mockingbird. 

All I can say is... THANK YOU, TERRINDA! You made my boy happy and handsome for 4th grade.
 It's long enough that he still looks cool but short enough that he can't hide behind it and pout when he gets mad at me. Sheesh, what a mom I've become. 

I would love to show you adorable first day of school pictures but this what I have instead. Lovely. He had a tummy ache (nerves, I think) and an attitude this morning so we left the house late, full of pouts and with un-brushed hair. Can't win them all, I guess. Of note are his school uniform, the shorts of which are a size 12 (what?!), his new classic Vans which are a size 6 (that's a men's size, just FYI - doubt what?!), his backpack that has held up like new since pre-K six years ago (whaaaa?!) and his beloved Boba Fett lunch box which is the only thing on his person that does not make me feel obscenely old.

The napkin note I packed in his lunch box today said: 

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." -- Albus Dumbledore
Let this be your motto in 4th grade. Be a Gryffindor!"

That's my hope as we brave a year of more homework, two musical instruments, rigorous testing for the gifted and talented school and, most significantly, getting our lives together back on track.

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  1. so i looked at the pics before i read the post and was like, "dang, i want that child's hair. where can i go to get that? that's like floyd's level awesome––so jealous." FLOYD'S IS 100% THE BEST. it is the only place i go when i'm in LA. so mad they don't have them here in NYC. ugh. also... when i thought we might all move to austin... i legit looked up locations to see if there was one there so i could take him and get shorn together (p.s. there is).

    just conversation #873 about how i am a little boy OR POSSIBLY b's real father.