Sunday, August 7, 2011

Leaving Houston, Agora Coffee and the only vegan at the BBQ

I'm a week behind, aren't I? 

A week ago today we left Houston. The official purpose of our trip - to check out some art house theaters - turned out to be kind of a bust, but we had a good time. An extremely friendly gentleman at one of the antique stores we visited told us, upon learning that Taso is Greek (I have a big mouth), that we HAD to visit Agora Coffee. Oh, and right he was. (I fully planned on giving Agora its own post before I realized that I was a week behind and needed to get on with it.) Forget charming, trendy little coffee shops. This place was big, warm and inviting with dark wood paneling, high, beamed ceilings and friendly people. I don't drink coffee normally but there are no rules on vacation, and thinking about it as a treat makes me value when it's good even more. I had Agora's frappe, the Greek version of iced coffee, made with soy milk and topped off with a perfect foam. It. Was. Heavenly. Seriously, I've had dreams about this drink. God bless those little Greek guys for bringing it to Texas. Sitting there sipping my cold drink in that dark coffee shop, thinking about Taso's heritage and how much I want to go to Greece, was one of the best moments of the trip for me. I even bought one of their pretty little cups.

Finally, we decided to stop for lunch before leaving town. On a bit of a whim we picked a BBQ place we'd seen next to the antique store with my grandma's cat. (If that wasn't a strange sentence...) A BBQ place with a small menu is probably the last place you'd expect to find me, but I'm more than used to taking care of myself at un-veg-friendly places and I was looking forward to the adventure. It turned out 100% for the best. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant place to sit, escape the heat and people watch. Also, if you went to school with me in New York (all six of you) you know just how long and hard I'd been craving a good baked potato, the kind you can only get at a place like this.
We left Houston pregnant with comfort food babies and happy from a surprisingly relaxing weekend. 


  1. you don't even know how relieved i am to hear that you finally have a decent baked potato moving through your intestines. <2

  2. things were touch and go for awhile there but everyone can rest easy now.

  3. I've been to both places mentioned and they are lovely. I *love* your cup and am glad you got your baked potato. I just wish you'd repatriated your grandmother's cat!