Monday, August 15, 2011

ten things.

1. I, the unluckiest gal in the world, just won a Princess Lasertron giveaway! She's a business owner, creative, mom, hip lady and I love her blog. She did little mini giveaways based on themes and I won the "home" one, which is ironic because I don't have a home. But! In some strange way this motivates me even more to make one for myself. Oh, how I crave a home. Thank you, Megan, for the kind note and box of goodies for sprucing up my temporary home.

2. I met the City of Dallas archivist the other day and, I have to tell you, it was really interesting to see what the city chooses to archive for posterity, what records get used regularly and what fascinating gems they have hidden away. I got see original photos, documents and other such from the JFK assassination. It also really struck me how undervalued even the most important archives are. Almost across the board they find it difficult to get funding, staff, space and use, despite their often extremely valuable holdings. We take for granted that we have (or have access to) footage, records, photos and knowledge of important events in our history that are usually carefully maintained by one dedicated person. Which brings me to my next point...

3. I need a job. Thus begins a career of trying to convince people to give me money to do something they're not convinced is important. But how great would it be if I could organize a really amazing collection of old films, make a preservation plan for it, schedule monthly screenings of films from it and teach a class on preservation? Oh, and also afford a place for B and I to live. Pretty great. (Hire me!)

4. I'm reading David Stenn's Clara Bow biography, Runnin' Wild, and it's fantastic. Her life was the MOST thrilling and tragic! Also, Hollywood has always been terrible.

5. Taso called the antique shop in Houston to try to buy my grandmother's cat but she was already sold. I'm touched by his sweetness, but so bummed that I didn't rescue it when I had the chance.

6. My friend James is so cool. He owns Spiral Diner with his rad wife Amy and makes movies. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth hosted a night of his films and I finally got to see Pioneer (which he produced - it's beautiful) and Knife (which he directed). If you get a chance to see either one, take it.

7. Taso's birthday is coming up. I forced him to delay going back to New York till after it, and I'm planning a day of Taso-style fun. Pretty excited. Still not thinking about the going back to New York part that follows.

8. I got my StickyGram magnets! It was so hard to pick only nine photos. You try it: I think I did a good job, what do you think?

9. B finished swim team lessons (to prepare kids to be on the team) and he decided he doesn't want to be a swimmer. I think the most he got out of the lessons was how to run, screaming, arms flailing off the diving board (see below). But he's started guitar lessons, soccer season started up again this week, school starts next Monday and piano will kick back in soon after that, so he'll be plenty busy. The older he gets the clearer it is that he's a musician, not an athlete. He's coordinated, fast and strong but he just has no interest in putting forth effort at sports. In truth, soccer is more a headache for me than anything else. He insists on doing it (I think we're in our 7th season), but he could care less about actually playing the game. Oh well. Hopefully we have a future at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts in our future. 

10. Last night Taso and I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes and 30 Minutes or Less at the Inwood Theater in Dallas. He hates the Inwood, I love it for nostalgic reasons but have to admit that it's pretty dingy and the presentation is lacking. I think it has the potential to turn around, theaters just need to invest a little more in quality projectionists. Also the Love Sac sofas in the downstairs house were just a bad, bad idea. We had similar thoughts about the movies, liked the cast of 30 Minutes or Less and thought it was funny but had already forgotten it by the drive home. Planet of the Apes was great... er than I was expecting! I actually really liked it, perhaps even more than Taso. The CGI was well done and it was super entertaining. Some of the plot lines went unexplained or didn't make much sense (Freida Pinto's character was wildly underdeveloped and could have added more to the story; the science was pretty silly) but I enjoyed it. I wish I could go to the movies every day.

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