Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All I can think about right now...

FIRST, A NOTE: I was foolish to suggest that the job situation is hardest on 20-somethings that have recently graduated. As my friend Moya pointed out, things are tough for everyone right now and I'm sure it's incredibly frustrating to be several years into your career and hitting these brick walls, especially when you've worked hard and done exceptional work for a long time. My heart goes out to anyone who is dealing with this. It's rough. The unique problem that I and my friends that are around my age have run into is being offered little-to-no money because we are young, which suggests we have the luxury of not needing the paycheck and are naive enough to not know our own value. Well, many of us are self-supported (some of us have families to support) and we're getting sucked into these catch-22 situations where we don't have a salary history and therefore don't have any leverage to request a salary worthy of our skills. I truly hope things start looking up for all of us.

With that said, this is all I can think about today:
A balcony in Greece that looks out at the sea and the flowiest dress imaginable (courtesy of the Man Repeller). 
I want this in my life. 

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