Sunday, September 4, 2011

the end of august (good riddance).

Not much to say lately, I suppose. 

I went to Austin to meet my career hero and see Vertigo in 70mm. Both went very well.

Hitchcock movies should always be seen big, if you ask me... but I do have a special weakness for 70mm film. We just get each other. It's BIG and immersive and I have a fantastical imagination. We work well together. It was double great seeing it at the Paramount because you always feel a little fancy walking in there. (I regrettably took this picture once the marquee had been changed but we did, in fact, see Vertigo.) I think it's so cool that they did an entire series based on a format. Sounds like something I would (will?) do...
It was also wonderful being with my best friends. 
Sometimes you go to barbecue places even though you're vegetarian because that's what you do when you like like someone. Also fried okra... it's not doing me any favors but I'm not complaining.

It was just fun being in Austin where I can buy popcorn tofu (by the pound, just FYI) and the heat doesn't seem as terrible even though it's actually hotter. I can't go all the time like I used to so I appreciate it more now.

Then Taso moved back to New York for the rest of the year and I was sad.

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