Monday, October 10, 2011

Come, Fall, and welcome!

It's my favorite time of year! The farmer's market is alive with dense, hearty breads, pumpkins and gourds (which I didn't photograph but definitely did buy), and soccer season is in full swing. 

I finally talked my mom into going to the farmer's market with me and she's hooked. I swear, it's reason alone to stay in this town. One of these days I'll have to do a full rundown of all my favorite things there. There is one family that always has the BEST APPLES EVER and beautiful heirloom cucumbers, and another lady who sells dairy free sorbets that she claims are "like catnip for humans" -- true words were never printed. The chamomile orange is my favorite. I spend $40 there every Saturday and we eat for the week. I'm really enjoying watching the offerings change with the seasons and getting to know so many local farmers.

B's soccer team is so driven this season. They're a spirited group of boys, lead by a very dedicated coach, and they try so hard. B has no desire to be an athlete (he doesn't have a competitive bone in his body), so I'm glad he's on a team with a lot of heart, minus all the crazy ambition. (Well... there is one mom...) Soccer parents drive me crazy but I try to tune them out. I think B has decided that he wants to play soccer for as long as he can without the pressure of getting on the select teams, or the headache of getting screamed at by parents who are pushing their kids to realize dreams they never fulfilled. It sounds like such a cliche but it's true. I'm cool with that. Fun Saturdays at the fields, but no pressure.

Fall feels like a time of rebirth to me. A crisp wind ushers out the hot, dusty summer and that undefinable feeling that there is something to look forward to creeps back in. I get excited every October for some things that I can name and some things that come back year after year, but I've yet to put my finger on. Right now I'm excited to be with Taso again. I leave for New York on Thursday, and I've been busying myself with scraping together a fall wardrobe and planning fun things to do with Taso and all my New York friends. I am so excited to see them and the city that I can't think about it too much or I might explode. 

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  1. love the pictures, makes me like fall a little bit. (just a little bit.) :)