Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 2 and 3 in NYC

Dog walking (you're doing it wrong) in Prospect Park and kitty tending (Taso and Beam bonded so much that he even braved the smell of cat food to help feed him) for our friends in Brooklyn.
Trying new restaurants around NYU. B-boys dancing to bagpipe music in Washington Square Park. Good (?) to know not much has changed since I graduated. 

Eating a delicious, fancy dinner followed by dessert overload.

I hope my Austin people got out to Home Movie Day! I was really sad to miss the event this year, but an extra weekend in New York with the Greek is nothing to complain about. We tried to make it out to the one in Queens, but the MTA had other plans for us. Oh well, I'm already making plans to host my own Home Movie Day 2012!

This weekend has been incredible. I've only been here a few days but it feels like I never left. The first day I kept thinking how glad I am that this isn't my life anymore, but within hours in I was already forgetting that it isn't. This city left a dent on my heart, but I guess it does for everyone who leaves it.

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  1. um, that picture of taso and the dog flopped over MIGHT be the cutest thing on the whole internet today. ALSO HOW HAVE WE NOT TAKEN PICTURES YET WHAT IS WRONG WITH US.