Monday, October 24, 2011


I didn't get to see enough of my friends during my whirlwind week in New York. Some I missed altogether, others I just got a couple hours with here and there. It made me long to be back there permanently. 
 One of my favorite nights of the whole trip was Thursday, when my MIAP friends that are still in New York went out for pizza at Roberta's in Williamsburg. It was a perfect, chilly night filled with cider and delicious food (seriously, everything was so delicious and fresh, a lot of the ingredients grown in their own garden). The wait was insanely long, but I was kind of glad because it meant more time huddled outside on the patio with Swinny, jumping from conversation to conversation, trying desperately to catch up with everyone.
My grad program, probably more than most, threw together a small, mismatched group of people with something so specific in common that, just as there was bound to be some fireworks, there was bound to be some matches made in heaven. Of course I'm happy to be in Texas where I have B and Splinter and the option of not sleeping under a bridge, but I feel the absence of a circle of friends every day. My best friends are not too far from me, but life here is such that I rarely get to see them. I wish I had had a little more time before I moved to appreciate all the relationships I had in New York without the stress of my thesis looming.

 It was hard to leave the city after only a couple hours with Danielle, and not getting to see Moya. I was sad to think that I'd spent such little time with Meg and not seen her at all on this trip. It hit me this time that I have left behind so many wonderful friendships that could enrich my life and make me a better person. And, yeah, it was hard to not go home with my old #apt2b roommates at the end of the night. 


  1. It was hard not seeing you too--if only the wedding had been another weekend! But seeing these pictures at least let me share a little in your time here--and I get to see Taso on a regular basis which is like seeing a little bit of you. I do hope we can get together soon.