Friday, October 21, 2011


This is the only picture I took Tuesday night because I was too busy having the time of my life. No big deal.

I was bummed when I found out I would miss Hanson in Texas last weekend. First there were plans for Charlotte, of Toronto fame, and also one half of my Canadian Hanson family and also I am kind of obsessed with her, to come to Texas for the show and fun times. THEN Wendy, my fellow Hanson fan since '97 and lifemate since '85, who I haven't been to a show with in years now wanted to go... The fact that all of this was happening at the State Fair of Texas AKA fried food capital of the world was just the icing on the deep fried Twinkie. Basically, the ingredients for an amazing time were all there. But my trip was extended by a weekend and the dudes got sick and had to cancel anyway (I am selfishly quite happy about this because now I get to take Wendy and B to the makeup show), so I had to change plans and go to the NYC show instead! 

I went alone because Taso worked all night and no one else that I know in this city is willing to spend money and stand in line for hours to listen to "Mmmbop" (that's not to say that Taso is but, you know, love and sacrifices and stuff). But I guess at a Hanson concert you're never really alone. I made friends with a handful of characters, including one Brooklyn gal that I'm pretty sure is Judy Garland Show-era Barbara Streisand reincarnated as a Hanson fan. It was fascinating. 

I think most of you who know me well will be happy to know (as was I) that, 14 years later, I am still the girl who loses her chiz during "A Minute Without You" and basically cries every time Taylor Hanson speaks. Some things never change. I will never be cool. It was kind of funny to see lots of very hip looking dudes at the show, singing along to "Mmmbop" and dancing to "Been There Before." I guess liking Hanson is an ironic thing now? Or people have figured out they're legit? These were definitely not uncomfortable boyfriends. These guys were in lady-less groups that had beards and knew words to songs and clapped and at no point made jokes about Taylor being a pretty girl. I don't know... but I'm not complaining. 

I will spare you any further details (also I'm saving them for a very detailed, long email to my Canadian Hanson friends that involves lots of capital letters and exclamation marks and uses of the phrase "I die"), but the Musical Ride Tour was a success. Possibly a shorter show than most, and a kind of generic set list, but they always bring the goods and I always dance a lot and feel like I'm on drugs or something for the next 12 hours. 

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