Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let's get real for a second. I know my blog is boring lately. But, you see, that's just because my life is not very exciting. This is any given day in the last month of my life:

- wake up at 4:55am, eat something small/protein-ish and a couple apple slices, head to boot camp
- cardio, weights, cardio, ouch, can't breathe, tears, cardio, foam roller, OUCH, wimper, head home
- drag B out of bed (literally) and sleepwalk him to the kitchen table for breakfast
- pack his lunch, say "did you brush your teeth?"/"don't forget to fill out your reading log!" five times each, sign folders/papers/progress reports/reading logs, take him to school, embarrass him by saying "i love you"
- set up my portable office at a coffee shop
- email, write cover letters, send resumes, fill out online job applications (the black hole of the Internet), get lost in Google Reader (the land of things I will never be able to afford/have the time to do/see/wear/buy for my non-existent house), email, work on various projects that I am not getting paid for but have convinced myself will help my career, wait for phone to ring telling me I have an interview (this has not happened yet)
- go to The Shop, continue above + some receptionist stuff
- listen to WRR Classical 101.1 on my drive home - this is what we call "me time"
- get home, ground B for whatever he's done that day
- give B serious "talking to"
- take B to soccer/piano
- go through cooking dinner, checking homework, getting him bathed/in bed with a book in a daze
- collapse, fall asleep before he does

Taso is still in New York till December and I still feel like life is waiting to get started, but I did have an awesome weekend in Austin that helped break up the monotony.

My friend Sneve from New Jersey and I both visited Austin in hopes of moving there (except he actually had an interview because he's smart and works in computers and I just went to ask people to pretty please consider hiring me), so I took the opportunity to show him around and feed him all the foods I've been telling about since we first bonded over being vegetarian fat kids. I've been such a good vegan lately, but this was Sneve Weekend.

I picked him up Friday and promptly took him to get breakfast tacos, because... priorities.
Then I showed him my favorite places - Antone's Records (I seriously love this shop, even though it's not the most exciting that Austin has to offer. It's full of rockabilly, jazz, swing, doo-wop and other such genres that I love.), Toy Joy (for vegan soft serve!) and a little mini tour around some pretty Austin neighborhoods.
(I bought this for my long, lost Swinny.)
We then met my friends and went out for burritos, Sneve's favorite food and an Austin specialty. 
(Check out my bracelet bought at the Greek fest! Maybe one day I will buy one in real Greece.)

That night we went out and I'm pretty sure Sneve fell in like like with Austin while I got my giggle on with my best friends. Aren't they attractive? I wish I had pictures of all of them. These people have been my nearest and dearest for the better part of a decade and I love them. If only Justin had been there and I had put even a little bit of effort into my appearance. Sigh.
The next morning(ish) we had the best brunch I've had in a loooong time at Halcyon. Whoever had the brilliant idea to bread french toast with coconut is getting a big kiss from me, if ever we meet. Also, grapefruit juice has replaced orange juice as my juice of choice. Seven year old me is having an identity crisis. 
Saturday was also the day I got to introduce Sneve to the fabled popcorn tofu from Wheatsville Co-op. I think I've been telling him about it as long as I've known him. I won't tell you how much we ate but I will tell you that neither of us has any regrets. 
And I got to hang out with Gregg. Yay!
It was a pretty spectacular weekend, and I'm glad Sneve enjoyed Austin as much as I do. It was fun to be a tour guide. We ended it the best way possible, with a relaxing picnic in Zilker park.
Yep, quite the great time. I love this city and these people. I like to fantasize about all of us living here, but I know that now is the time for patience. 
Thanks, Sneve, for sharing your pictures!

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