Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I really love my alma mater, Southern Methodist University. I only had a couple friends there (hi, Angela!) because, well, maybe I didn't give them a chance but... I'm really not much of a sorority girl type. Most of my non-mom time in college (and there wasn't very much of it) was spent in dirty Denton bars watching loud bands or dancing with gay boys. But! I have the fondest memories of my school. I loved my professors and felt really taken care of by the school. My classes were small and, more than anything, my campus was (is) gorgeous. I used to walk across it every day and feel lucky to go to school there. I think I felt even luckier when I went to NYU for grad school and realized that there may be a connection between having a nice college campus and how well a school treats its students. 

The other day I went by to ask them to hire me (no, I didn't apply for a job, it was more like, "Hey, I'm a film archivist, can I archive SMU's films?") and then went for a little walk around campus. I stopped and took in the early morning silence of the campus and then snapped this picture. That's Dallas Hall, the gorgeous building in which I took all of my literature classes. My minor was English and I studied British Literature: Wordsworth - Yeats, grad-level Shakespeare and linguistics. Those were my favorite classes and they felt so perfectly suited to the stately old building, with the beautiful crest in the floor that everyone superstitiously tiptoed around. I loved my first poetry class, 10 of us gathered around a huge, dark oak table in soft leather chairs, thumbing through the Norton Anthology of English Literature and listening to our ancient professor talk about Tennyson like he knew him. For all of the complaining I did back then about the people I went to school with, they were smart and many of them were extremely good students.

I suppose I'm feeling nostalgic lately, but I really do miss some things about college. It's where I went from opinionated but confused to informed-opinionated-feminist-liberal-independent (ironic, I know, given the conservative nature of the school, but I had great profs). It's where I got to discuss Shakespeare like I fantasized about in middle school but couldn't because I was already very not cool and that would not have helped my case. Anyway, this is just to say that I'm happy to be done with school, but still find my old undergrad campus extremely romantic. 

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  1. I couldn't agree more! But I guess I am a little biased. :) I still have such a special place in my heart (and mind!) for my professors and love when I get to drive through campus and reminisce. Can you believe our five year reunion is next year?!