Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Christmas of Seven Christmases

Christmas was exhausting. It went a little like this: Jones Family Christmas Eve >> EARLY morning Christmas at my house >> Christmas breakfast at Taso's house >> Christmas presents/early dinner at my mom's house (in Mesquite) >> Christmas normal time dinner back at Taso's house (in Coppell) >> Christmas party times at Justin's house in Fort Worth >> Day after Christmas presents and dinner with Taso's whole family. I am stuffed and required two early nights of recovery sleep.

Here are some of my favorite photos from all of our Christmases.
Taso's cat, Mr. Snuggles (who defies his name at every opportunity), replacing the mini Christmas tree.
My Nonnykins wearing a mini version of the scarf I made for June. (Which I still haven't sent yet, sorry June!)
Sweet victory/typical girl poses.
The calm before the storm.
B reading his letter from Santa, Taso being sleepy and blurry faced at 6:45am.
B looking in all the wrong places for his big Santa present... Possibly because I forgot how the hot/cold game works.
But he eventually found it.
And made out like a little messy-haired bandit this year.
Sticky buns with orange flavored icing (not pictured) that I made because it's Christmas and... whatever.
At least they were vegan.
This is the adult person that I am marrying.
I had to cuddle with my cat a lot because I felt like she was a little left out of the Christmas celebrations. This is the adult person that he is marrying.
Christmas at my mom's house, wishing I had a better camera.
My Evgeni Malkin doll from Taso. I am working on my Russian accent so I can make him talk.
My dear friends. All together. Being happy.


  1. looks exhausting but FUN!

    PS: I LOVE your bangs!

  2. LOVE!! you look gorgeous and you all look happy!