Saturday, December 10, 2011

Radvent Day 10: Writing

Could you guess that I love to write? Sometimes I think I don't understand anything till I get a chance to write about it. When I was younger I wrote letters like it was my job, and when I was older I actually got paid to write press releases and editorial content. I've always kept journals, notebooks for creative writing and, for the last three and a half years, this blog. When I was in school, my teacher's response to my writing was often polarized. I refused to write by the strict rules taught in public school (I'm strong-willed to a fault at times), but I was always fairly good at organizing my thoughts. I don't mind those rules they teach as much now, because organization IS crucial when writing something for other people to read. However, I think limiting yourself too much with rules and form impedes creativity. Like in all things, there's a balance.

Anyone who has ever written so much as an essay for school knows how hard writing is. I want to get better at challenging myself to write creatively. I haven't written a story in a long time. Even when I write short films, I don't often write a complete story. If I do, I struggle with it. My friend Wendy is a great story writer. She could probably make a million dollars as a children's book author. That kind of writing takes imagination and patience. It's one of my goals to hone these skills so I can write a good screenplay.

If you're not really into writing, I challenge you to give it a second chance. Here are some prompts from Princess Lasertron's blog to get you started: 
B decided he's going to use them for his school journal, and I'm going to use them in those times when I think I have nothing interesting to blog about.

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