Sunday, December 18, 2011

Radvent Day 18: Style

My top all-time style icons:

Cyd Charisse - grace, confidence, legs

Kim Gordon - the hair, the dresses, X-girl - coolest human ever

Diane Keaton - probably the biggest influence on the way I actually dress

Norma Shearer - cuuuuurls, perfection

Miriam Hopkins - eyes, and what she does with them

Claire Danes - as Angela Chase, in Shopgirl, in Calvin Klein (and obviously as Juliet, not pictured)

Freddie Mercury - obviously

Anna Karina - effortless, enchanting

The 1940s everyday lady - truly, the 1940s sewing patterns that my mom insanely collects have had more influence on my style than any actress or model from the 1940s

Well, I am an old person. Every day I wear blouses, blazers, comfortable-but-flirty dresses, tights and shoes that fall somewhere between heel and flat (big fan of the wedge). Then I put on a scarf or two and a brooch. Winter time is my favorite time because I can just keep putting on layers. And I do. The only jeans I wear are Levis. I hate slacks. I don't wear makeup (though I should) and I sometimes forget to brush my hair. Style is 97% about confidence and comfort. That doesn't mean wearing sweatpants and being proud of it, that means bringing who you are to the surface so you can walk around all day feeling like yourself.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at all these pretty people. If I could smoosh them all together into one person and become that person, I think I would be fully realized. 

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  1. completely obsessed with everything about this post. THISISWHYWEAREFRIENDSBRZA