Saturday, December 3, 2011

Radvent Day 3: Fascinating

I talked a lot about myself yesterday, so here's what I find fascinating about a couple dudes who are on my mind:

B drives me absolutely crazy by begging me to let him play violent video games and turning every harmless object he gets his hands on into a gun. He takes pride in being obnoxious, smelly and headstrong. He tries to be cool and impress his friends, who he swears all get to play first person shooter games except him. And yet, his outlook on the world is so peaceful and compassionate. He talks to me about things like war, hunger and AIDS and doesn't understand why people don't love and help each other more. In his mind, the end to these problems is entirely possible with a little selflessness. I wonder if there's a person that he is and a person that he thinks he should be. It's probably more that he's still becoming who he is and there are many different factors influencing that progression. I can see it too as he talks about popular music or the music his friends like, and the music he's naturally drawn to. I'm learning that my role is often to keep quiet and just be a good example. It's fascinating to see a classy person peak out from underneath the facade of dirt, wrestling, video games and general boyhood.

I used to creep Taso out by watching him watch movies. It's true. To be fair, it was only during the parts of movies that I really loved or responded to. I wanted to see his reactions. I love the little chances I get to clue into how he sees the world. I find his perspective fascinating. I think one thing that's drawn us to each other is the fact that we look at things in a bit of an offbeat way and are a little weird, but our perspectives are still unique to each other. I learn from him all the time and find new ways to look at old things by asking him questions, reading his writing and looking at the pictures he takes. I find him endlessly interesting. For example, I love these pictures he took this week of my favorite building, the Chrysler Building, from an interesting perspective.

As for me, I tried to take some pictures of myself looking super fascinating and trying out a new outfit, but it's hard to take outfit pictures of yourself and my cat rudely decided to groom herself mid-photo shoot.
So I tried to use the Christmas tree as a backdrop but resigned myself to that fact that iPhone self-portraits are awkward and low quality and gave up. 

I do have one more self portrait that needs your attention, though. As part of a recent effort (that just happened to coincide with Radvent) to express my creativity and inner awesome (and possibly boredom) through my outward appearance, I am dying to cut bangs. It's not that I think bangs are particularly cool, I just really dig the blunt bang look but never do it because my hair is insane and enough trouble as it is. As much as it pains me to say it, my biggest hair inspiration of the moment is Zooey Deschanel. Blah. There it is.
But look, her hair is crazy wavy/curly like mine, and she makes it work! So, here I am making my best wide-eyed, vacant Zooey with (pretend) bangs face. What do you think? Can I pull it off? Should I go for it?

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