Monday, January 2, 2012

Handmade Christmas

This year I decided to hand make most of the presents I gave for Christmas. Actually, pretty much all of them. Taso's family is big so we drew names, and I got his Aunt Dianna. Aunt Dianna has a thing for teddy bears. She makes them herself and they're gorgeous. Every one is personalized and named. They have their own room in her home. The second I saw her name, I knew I had no choice. I had to make an Aunt Dianna bear. My sewing abilities are modest (A-line skirts, baby clothes, curtains, pillows) so I found a pattern that looked somewhat manageable. Well. Somewhat manageable when you're working with fur-like material and tiny little bear body parts is a heckuva lot harder than anything I've done before!
I picked super soft fabric so that if the bear didn't turn out too cute, at least it would be soft and cuddly. I used Christmas music note fabric for its little accessories because the a capella choir Aunt Dianna is in recently put on a big Christmas concert that we all went to. 
It took me several days and several emergency calls to my grandma along the lines of, "WTF I HAVE TO EMBROIDER THE EYES?! HELLLLLLLP!!" I made some things simpler for myself (no embroidery, for example) and only gave up in disgust once or twice. By the time I stuffed his belly and made the last little hand stitch up his back, I had accepted the fact that his little eyes and nose were a little crooked and his muzzle didn't quite stuff right, and I was pretty proud of the little guy.
I think Aunt Di liked him. 

I made scarves for some of my friends, and still have four of them sitting in my room, covered in now-outdated Christmas wrapping paper and bows. I realized that, rewarding as it can be, it's a lot scarier to give people gifts that you made yourself. I guess I better get over it and send these out before Christmas 2011 is forgotten.

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