Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I made a Brontosaurus!

I have a lot to say about my trip to Utah, but every time I sit down to write a post, all I want to do is post these pictures. So, yeah, I went to Sundance and it was really amazing and inspiring, and I saw my friends and had a great time... but I also made a really freaking cute brontosaurus.

My friend Katie makes these rad stuffed animals from her own patterns and she taught me how to make one when I visited her in Utah. I really wanted a brontosaurus (did anyone else have that book about if dinosaurs still existed when they were kids, the one where the little boy uses a brontosaurus as a slide? - I wish I could remember what it was called...) so we drew one up and it turned out SO CUTE.
I just had a talk with myself this week about making my online persona more professional, and THIS is my first post about my trip to Sundance. Keeping it real, I suppose. 


  1. OHMYGOD WAS IT THIS??? http://www.amazon.com/Danny-Dinosaur-Syd-Hoff/dp/0064440028