Sunday, January 8, 2012

My son carried the same backpack from pre-K until about a month ago. That's right, halfway through 4th grade. I don't know why I never bought him a new backpack when I bought all of his other brand new school supplies each year. It just held up so well and he liked it so much. He never thought to ask for a new one. After a couple years I started to get sentimental about it. This was his FIRST backpack and he could still use it. He was still my little one, just starting school, which meant less removed from the days we got to spend together playing outside, making lunch and watching Sesame Street. 
But, when his big 4th grade binder started coming home with bent corners and I found myself stuffing papers in and having to help him zip it up... I realized the time had come. Taso and I were at Index when we spotted this Nike bag that looked like a Ninja Turtle and featured B's favorite color ever: brown. The deal was sealed. We tucked it into my back seat so that it would be there to greet him when we picked him up from school. I couldn't bring myself to throw out the old backpack, but it has definitely been forgotten. 

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