Saturday, February 25, 2012

Allergic to Awesome

After seven years of waiting, Index premiered their skateboard team's first video at the Angelika. Taso is really close with the whole Index crew and even filmed a couple tricks in the video, so we went out to help with the premiere and celebrate with our friends. The line to get in went down to the parking lot and the 300 seat theater sold out twice, so some people went over to the after party bar during the first screening and got a sneak peak.
 We waited till things died down a bit and caught the second screening with the Index crew. The video is so good and it was cool to see a little bit of Taso up there. I was super excited to see his name in the credits! The video reminds me a little of the 90s, paints a really cool picture of Dallas and showcases some amazing talent. I was expecting big things and was still blown away. Things got a little rowdy post-screening, but still we had a good time with some of Taso's best friends and their rad wives.
 B didn't get to come since it went really late on a school night, so we bought him a copy of the DVD and a hat. If you live in the DFW area you should get out to one of the Index stores and pick up a copy of Allergic to Awesome.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

David and Sabrina and the Harry Potter Birthday Party

David and Sabrina are cuuuuuute. Sabrina threw her husband a Harry Potter-themed 25th birthday party and it was amazing. I can't even begin to describe the attention to detail, to not mention all the time and love she poured into this. There was a massive great hall feast complete with cornish pasties, a Honeydukes complete with every treat in the books, a Divination class led by yours truly, super intense Potter trivia and a real live sorting hat. Everyone was really into it (and REALLY competitive with those house points) and it ended up being one of the funnest birthday parties I've ever been to. B is still talking about it! 
 That's Sabrina. She rules.

(Sorry about the quality of these pictures, I spent most of the party behind Sabrina's far superior camera and only got a few of my own.)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 14th

I kind of hate Valentines' Day, but I always like an excuse for a nice date. We had dinner at Spiral Diner just for me, and then went to see Pina. I could not have asked for a better evening. The film was incredible. So beautiful I can't find words to describe it (as dance should be). We weren't able to see it in 3D and for the first time EVER I am wishing for the opportunity to wear the stupid glasses and see a third dimension of those images. Still, I didn't need the 3D. The choreography, and the way the cameras dance with the subjects, moved me to tears. Watching Pina dance in "Café Müller" was a revelation. Please see it if you haven't.

This is a clip of Pina's most achingly beautiful moment in "Café Müller," particularly from about 2:25 to 4:25. However, you really should see it on a big screen. We saw a film print and it was stunning.

A night like that would have been more than enough for me, but Taso and B also had my limited edition, signed Hanson poster framed. I said no presents, but apparently this was already in the works. I'll forgive them because it's perfect and I love it. This picture really doesn't do it justice.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

hello again.

I haven't had much to say lately. I've been struggling with finding gratitude and contentment in my life. I'm restless and have bordered on bitter once or twice. Those are ugly qualities and I'm trying to release them and stay humble. I'm also struggling in a big way with trying to eat raw and gluten free, struggling with keeping up a workout regimen that goes: run/weights/pilates/yoga. Emphasis on struggling. I'm definitely doing it, but I go through emotion-driven rises and falls in motivation and right now I'm at a lull, so I do fewer good things for myself, feel worse and the cycle continues. I need to shape up. This is a big year for me, I can feel it, and when it all starts heading up I need to be physically and mentally ready to knock it out of the ballpark.

Right now I'm really inspired by Kris Carr's Crazy, Sexy Diet. I hated the title and "yeah gurl!" tone at first but the message got through to me in a different way than many of the vegan lifestyle/wellness/meditation books I've read. I like Kris' story. You can't help but feel like if she can do it you can too. I'm trying to be gluten free. I don't have a gluten allergy but I do have a polycystic ovaries, which put me at high risk for a number of unpleasant things, ranging from a flabby belly (which I've had since puberty despite being fitness crazed and a dancer for a number of years) to diabetes. Cutting out the carbs is the number one way to naturally curb those things, so I'm really trying. I already eat a limited diet in comparison with the Standard American Diet, so the breads and pastas fill out my mostly plant-based (and 100% vegetarian) meals. I don't go crazy, but I like a good sandwich. Well, no more. Right now my body wants to replace the bread and pasta with something, and that something is sugar. I'm constantly fighting the urge to become a slave to it. I'm working out the kinks, trying to focus myself on a lifestyle that helps me feel better, helps my pretty summer dresses fit better and improves my longterm health. Sometimes that's hard when you're poor and beaten down by unemployment, but that's life.

Other than that I've been watching a lot of movies and Downton Abbey (I don't care how soapy it is, I eat it up and it's delicious). Taso and I took a drive down to Austin so that I could meet with some people that I want to work for. I talked some more about art house theaters and archives and how it would be really great if someone would pay me a salary to work on these projects so I don't starve to death in my grandma's spare bedroom before I've had a chance to complete them. Maybe I'm being a touch dramatic, but the student loans can only be deferred for so long and my patience with working for free has run out. I did have a really good time in Austin. Taso treated me to a ballet of Moulin Rouge, good food and movies. My car died, but we made it back in one piece. Again, life.

B happens to be doing wonderfully lately. Right now his grades are three 100s, two 98s and a 97, and his teachers are sending home praise. He's blowing through his piano lessons and is generally happy and well behaved. I'm so proud of him my heart could just burst. After such a difficult two years, I am amazed by the progress he's made, especially in the last couple months. I swear he is one of the coolest people I know. I feel so lucky to get to be in his life. For all the things I did wrong, there must have been some right to it. We're planning a massive 10th birthday party for next month because he totally deserves it. Just typing this paragraph lifted my spirits.
So that's what's up. Sorry I'm so boring and moody.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Full of Love

A boy whose cheeks are still soft and plump
Who cuts out candy heart stickers in the shape of guitar picks
Who tries so hard and is so bright
Who loves me and Taso unconditionally.
(Valentines day cards for his class.)

A man with long, slender fingers, flat palms and a firm grip
With impeccable taste and the right amount of cool
Who doesn't yell and makes me laugh daily 
Who asked the boy and I to be his forever. 

Friends picked out by fate and natural selection
Aging rockstars with bills to pay, spread across the country
Who remind me every time I see them of the good in the world
Who will still want to party with me when we are 100 years old.

A pack of blessings light upon my back this Valentines Day.