Friday, April 13, 2012

BIG NEWS from camp Dunham/Georgakis!

We are getting a condo! 

Our own space.

I can breathe again just typing those words. 

We never dreamed it would happen this soon, but the stars aligned in such a way that I believe in miracles again. Seriously. This was meant to happen. Prayers have been answered. I am happy.

It's beautiful little place with everything we need - two bedrooms, an office, a gorgeous neighborhood. It's bright and sunny and updated. There is a cupboard under the stairs. It is everything I could want and more.

It is ours and we can pay the rent and it's not in New York, putting us in debt and leaving no room for B to run around barefoot, play music in his room and climb trees outside. I can plant a little palette garden and watch movies on my own couch. This is huge for me. Really just so huge.

It's probably not much to other people... We are still renting, you know. But it's everything to me.

We move at the end of the month. The three of us will really be together for the first time.


  1. Congratulations. Such wonderful news and so well deserved.

  2. congrats!! I'm glad things are looking up! ^____^