Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's been an eventful week.

We're rolling again over here! Without getting too ahead of myself, it does feel like things are finally moving along. For starters, I got a job. It's contract work as a consultant but it's for a company I'm really excited about, doing exactly what I want to be doing. I worked really hard and waited really long to make this job a reality, so I hope I can do it well and it will take me far (like, maybe to full time employee status).

My grandma bought my wedding dress fabric this weekend. I'm designing my dress and she's making it, which is so special to me, on top of being a huge relief in this whole "planning" process. I knew all along that I wanted something Grecian-inspired (because I'm marrying a Greek, hello) and that I wanted her to make my dress, so I never even had to think about dress shopping. That makes me so unbelievably happy, I can't even tell you. We bought some gorgeous silk chiffon, silk charmeuse and tulle for the veil. It's happening!

It's soccer season around these parts, and this has been a particularly fun season. B got a goal a couple games ago, and has shown some real improvement when it comes to taking initiative and being aggressive. He's so very laid back and non-competitive that I always thought team sports just weren't going to work for him. He told us early in this season that he doesn't like to play defense because it's his nature to "attack" rather than hang back (which is just so not true on any level), so Taso likes to yell "ATTACK! ATTACK!" on the sidelines now. I find this endlessly amusing, but I also think it might be working. He's got some sick maneuvering skills that have worked to his advantage, but it's cool to see him go to the goal rather than just pass the ball off to the top scorers all the time. Don't worry, though, he's still the same old B. At last night's game he was pulled out for a minute and we saw him over on the sidelines by himself doing the robot. Some things never change.

Taso and B found a new skatepark and my son found that getting back on your board isn't always that easy. Taso skates a couple nights a week with his friends, but little dude has been a little too preoccupied with video games lately and that ramp looks bigger than it used to... He still looks pretty cool carving around the skatepark, though. If we keep going, I know he'll be dropping in by end of summer.

Finally, I think my friends who don't have kids or are new parents are horrified by me sometimes, but I challenge them to come back to me in ten years. Sometimes you have to give your kid melatonin if it means they'll get a full night's sleep, sometimes you have to say NO (repeatedly) and sometimes, if NO doesn't work, you have to ground them. B is stubborn, but I am way more stubborn. When he flipped out on me about a totally reasonable punishment (no playing with friends after school for one day when he forgot for about the millionth time this year to turn in his homework), I had had enough and grounded him to his room for the rest of the day, and from friends and electronics (especially painful what with his new iPad) for one week. I hate grounding him. A.) It's just not fun to punish your kid, and B.) I'm stuck with a whiney, bored person in my house for a week. I like him to have his freedom but I also like for him to put forth a little effort at school and not throw temper tantrums. I was feeling pretty lousy about the whole grounding thing, and his epic meltdown that caused it, but then I remembered that there SO MANY productive things he could be doing without the distraction of friends and video games! This weekend alone the bathroom has been gleaned, cars have been washed, weeds have been pulled, mulch has been laid, flowers planted, dishes put away, and the list goes on. So, a lesson to all you future parents of ten-year-olds: don't look at it as grounding your child for a week, look at it as hiring a servant for a week and paying them with video game privileges and by replacing the birthday money that they tore up in a fit of anger.

Honestly, he'd been getting fed up with school and was cranky and hard to be around for a couple weeks before the big freak out. Since the punishment was handed down, he's been much more grounded (lol), reasonable and cheerful. I know that school is hard for him. He's very smart and is bored out of his mind most of the time. It's hard to get him to care about his homework when it's pretty much all busy work for him. Last week was the big STAAR standardized testing, which is basically hell on earth for B. He finishes testing so quickly and then is forced to sit there quietly at his desk with nothing to do for hours. He can't read or anything. I know that had him spiraling downward anyway, and I'm kind of glad it all came to a head and that he has this week to center himself again. Meanwhile, I am exploring all of the Gifted and Talented options I can find beyond what is offered by his school, because that's just not cutting it anymore.

All in all, things are looking up. My car is clean, my wedding is on, my dudes are active. I'm working! It's a very green Spring here in Texas and New York made me really appreciate that. I'm looking forward to summer, to saving money so that we can get a proper house and splurging a little on road trips.

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  1. Um, both our cars need washing. We'll even pay him.... in cake. :-)