Friday, April 27, 2012

talkin' about the weather.

I spend a lot of my time missing New York and trying to find things to like (or just not hate) about Dallas, but this Spring has been so perfect that I can't be too mad at Texas.

Taso and I went to Austin for meetings and veggie tex-mex. The drive was quiet and easy, and it was comforting watching the clouds roll over the expanse of flat land. Driving to Austin always reminds me of my grandparents. Somehow it's already been a decade since they passed and the old house my family grew up was sold, but I still get the warm feeling that that's where I'm headed when I drive south on I-35. I miss my grandparents every day, even though I was so young when we were together. When I watch old movies, listen to jazz records and imagine that I'm living in another time (or go to 40s music revues), it's always Grandma and Grandpa that I picture myself hanging out with. Anyway, all of that plus swimming for hours and climbing trees and playing with kitties comes back when I let my mind wander on these long drives. It's peaceful riding shotgun next to my love and thinking about those things.

We ate and talked movies with friends and I woke up early to work. I met all of my co-workers and learned some new things. We stopped in Round Rock and brought B back a donut bigger than his head.

Back here in North Texas I've been enjoying the thunderstorms followed by perfectly clear, sunny days, the use of my sunroof and going for runs as the sun sets over the paths behind my neighborhood. 

I know Spring will be gone soon and the nights will be as hot as the days are now. I'll get restless again and miss the city, or dream of settling in San Francisco, or have wild notions of applying for jobs in Norway... but for now I'm okay in this little bubble of pretty days, green scenery and few cares.

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