Thursday, May 31, 2012

a lazy weekend (and post)

B went camping with my family for Memorial Day weekend, so we did a lot of sleeping and movie watching. We saw First Position, an inspiring documentary about young ballet dancers. It made me desperately miss dance and also realize how far away from the top I was, despite my talent. The level of dedication and involvement (and money) required of every family in a dance household is insane, and something I never came close to having. I did love rooting for the children and it was fun to come home and watch the So You Think You Can Dance season premiere afterward. Have I mentioned how much I  shamelessly love that show? Oh, once or twice?
We also saw The Dictator, which I found to be muddled, slow and not very funny. I think Sacha Baron Cohen is a total genius and loved what he was trying to say, but I found it to be more of the wrong kind of awkward than the right. Still, I can't look at him without seeing Freddie Mercury anymore, so I am waiting on pins and needles for that Queen biopic to become official (which is to say, to actually have a release date and trailer).

I didn't take many pictures over the weekend because I was too busy being the laziest human alive. I see so little of Taso these days and, when we are together, we have a rather high maintenance 10-year-old to entertain. I kept my phone in my purse and just enjoyed listening to music with explicit lyrics and going to the movies to see what I want. I took a picture of a pretty sunset on the way to Taso's hockey practice, but that's about it.
Sunday was our friend Dameon's birthday, so we hung out with the Index crew -- a bunch of skateboarders of varying ages. The guys with wives and toddlers, the guys with girlfriends and jobs, and the young guys with groupies who still really skate. It was good. Good food, lots of love, babies and a fair amount of debauchery.
I'm sorry my pictures are so bad. Maybe if I keep posting them someone will get tired of it and buy me a really nice camera for my birthday that I can also use to make the short film I said I would make this summer. Any takers? No? Okay, then it's back to work for me. 

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