Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why you over there lookin at me while my job's standin here... (I'm so sorry I just did that.)

I have this problem now where I can't do anything on my computer but work. The learning curve of entering a new line of work for a new (and pretty different) company has me majorly backlogged, and I can easily lose an entire day to a few projects. This leads to me feeling like I'll never catch up, which leads me to feeling the need to work ALL THE TIME. I'll get on my computer at midnight and decide I'm going to write a blog post or catch up on things, then instantly feel guilty and get lost again in work emails.

I had a couple friends come in from Canada, so I took the weekend off for a little road trip adventure. Cut to Sunday night, I'm lost on some awful, pitch-black road in the middle of nowhere behind a drunk guy in a pickup, convinced that our trip is going to end up like Texas Chainsaw Massacre... and one of my patented MIAP migraines (TM) starts to form. There's so much work waiting for me at home! WHAT IF I DON'T EVEN MAKE IT HOME... WHO WILL DO ALL THAT WORK?!

Sooooo. I kind of accidentally took Monday off, then took some deep breaths and breaks to go outside the last couple days, and now I'm feeling good. Still behind, but no searing pain behind my eyeballs or any of that jazz. My dad texted me today saying he's in need of a blog post, and I realized that I haven't really updated (or seen, I guess) anyone in my life lately, so it's probably about that time. 

For starters we are all moved and settled. Maybe a little bit regretting not holding out to move to Austin but... it's good and we're all pretty happy. Baby steps... or more like first steps after some horrific accident that left you thinking you'd be paralyzed forever but now you're miraculously recovering. (I'm referring, of course, to living in New York and signing our lives away for grad school.) I miss NYC every day but, for now, this is really good. I still haven't taken any pictures of our place, but I will this weekend, K, dad?? My cat did mysteriously fall off of our loft, but she's ok and is getting over the grumpiness of being forced to move.

It's early and I am sad from dropping off the last of my Canadian friends at the airport, so I'll leave you with a couple pictures of a really nice Saturday. Two weeks ago we went to the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash, bought some handmade goods and supported local artisans (Bradley got some black hand soap in the shape of guns that has been blowing his mind), then headed over to Oddfellows for brunch (I give it a hearty meh). As much as I enjoyed the Etsy Bash, part of me feels like there's something even the best parts of Dallas just can't get right. Something missing... like they're trying really hard to overcome this city but the expanse is too wide for all the best creative minds to converge. Maybe it's just that the money is not behind them, or the city is too big and powerful and they get pushed (literally) to the outskirts. Still, as long as we're here I hope we'll leave our little suburb as often as we can to support stuff like this. 
P.S. How handsome, right??

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