Sunday, July 15, 2012

discoveries in the ER

In the hospital I made jokes that B had just rocked too hard, but he was getting blood drawn and did not find it funny. Then, the most awesome thing happened. The grating 2012 Teen Nick shows ended (it was so late at this point and we were so tired and hungry) and Nick at Nite came on. Now, when I was a kid, Nick at Nite was I Love Lucy, Bewitched and Dick Van Dyke. At some point Mary Tyler Moore, Lavern and Shirley and Welcome Back Kotter joined the mix, but still -- shows from a very different time. So it completely blew my mind when my favorite 90s Snick shows came on! It was a sketch with Keenan and Kel, in which Kel was an old man that kept falling out of a tree, that got B laughing hysterically. For the next half hour of the show he belly laughed and, for whatever reason, that made me feel so happy and satisfied. Maybe because I miss the "old days" and I'm often exhausted by the online world my son is growing up in. Sometimes I feel sad for him that all of the bad things in the world are right at his fingertips. Childhood is harder to hold on to now, and of course when he's sick all of this comes out and makes me a hypersentimental, sappy mom. Anyway, I laughed too and it was an awesome.


  1. Love this kid and love that the shows we loved are still as awesome as ever!