Thursday, July 5, 2012

The greatest day of his life.

June 15, 2012 - Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra playing the Star Wars Score in the park.

Complete with lazer light show and fireworks.
"THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE. THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!" - 10 year old B, jumping up and down, conducting and punching/ninja kicking the air to the music 

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  1. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND, BRADLEY. In college I drove from Virginia to Tanglewood in middle of nowhere, Mass with a friend to see John Williams conduct the Boston Symphony Orchestra playing a whole bunch of Star Wars pieces, with plot summaries narrated by James Earl Jones. (they also played the score of Memoirs of a Geisha with Yo-Yo Ma and theme from ET as an encore, but)
    The drive took something like 7 hours each way and we got lost a bunch of times BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.
    I can't remember if I cried, but I must have, right?