Friday, July 13, 2012


We had a rough week. B started ROCK CAMP (woohoo!) on Monday, but called me halfway through the day to come get him because he wasn't feeling good (boooooo). A trip to the doctor revealed strep throat, an ear infection and something possibly seriously wrong with his kidneys. I was in shock! He seemed fine -- maybe a little grumpy -- that morning. The doctor sent us to Children's Hospital where we spent 6 hours and B was pricked, poked and sampled. After all of that, we left with an answer that I'm still not satisfied with: the infection in his throat, ears and sinuses spread to his kidneys... nothing a little antibiotic couldn't cure. The rest of the week was an endless cycle of tending to a miserable, nearly comatose kid, fighting off scary high fevers and trying to make up all the hours of work I missed. Oh, and not sleeping. By yesterday I was miserably failing at all of those things -- sending out nonsensical work emails, forgetting to make dinner and wistfully day dreaming of the life I left behind in NYC -- so I finally closed my computer and surrendered for a few hours. My friend Sabrina came over and we went for a late night swim, then stretched our legs and did some barre exercises in my loft. After she left I let myself sleep for the few precious hours that B's fever would let me. He's doing a bit better today. No fever and we left the house for an hour or so. Progress! Now I'm going to enjoy my glorious little weekend.

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