Saturday, July 28, 2012

When words fail.

I had several blog posts drafted when I woke up the morning after seeing The Dark Knight Rises. I intended to publish a couple of them, particularly a review of my thoughts on the movie and pictures of our night spent at a marathon of the Chris Nolan Batman trilogy. But first I checked Twitter and watched as news of the massacre that had happened while we were in the theater unfolded. I was completely gutted and, honestly, still am. This has hit me harder than I could have imagined, but I don't know that two weeks ago I could have imagined something like this happening at all.

The movie theater is a sacred place to me. My church. The importance of sharing the visual, emotional, artistic and ultimately human experience of watching a movie in a darkened theater with strangers was the basis of my thesis. I help bring people together in the movie theater for a living. Look, I know watching Batman at the IMAX isn't exactly the height of culture, but there is something to be said for excited fans coming together at midnight to share a highly anticipated experience. That's culturally significant and it should be able to happen in a safe place. I have no idea what to say that would even come close to being adequate, I just need to say how heartbroken I am that that experience was so horribly destroyed for the people in Aurora. I am so angry that someone would take advantage of the happy distraction of a movie to fulfill a sick, twisted fantasy to such tragic ends. I am so sad for the people who have to live with this forever, and for the people who didn't get to wake up the next morning.

Someone who was very important in my life moved to Aurora when we were 12. I went to visit and stay with her many times over the years, the latest for Christmas 2010, when we went to that very movie theater on Christmas Day. We haven't spoken in a year, and I have no idea how or if this affected her, but the memory of that day has been heavy on my mind. It impresses on me the fact that we are never very far removed from an atrocity like this. Whether it's us, or our friends, or just fellow humans, this hurts all of us. I don't know what else to say.

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