Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hi, August.

July left a bad taste in my mouth. B being sick, bad things happening in the world, wedding plans falling apart, working long hours and feeling a bit isolated in my home in the suburbs left me feeling blah. Every day is pretty much the same -- get up, get on computer, balance mom life and work (not always successfully), put B to bed, work some more, work out, collapse in bed. Taso gets home from work around midnight and we watch an episode of South Park or something before I fall asleep. It's not very glam. I'm a restless person anyway, and lately I'm heavily craving some adventure, travel... even social interaction would be nice. This is not the life for me, but life ebbs and flows and you go with it and do the best you can through all of its phases. I don't like the fact that I'm so glued into a screen and a phone that the days fly by and run together, or that I have absolutely nothing to blog about. But when I remind myself of the incredible adventures I've had, the things I've done and felt, and all the lives I've lived in 27 years, I'm grateful for opposition and feel lucky to be working for a paycheck and happy family. I also feel like fun is riiiiight around the corner. I don't normally read my horoscope, but I did this morning and it told me August would bring spontaneous travel. Yes, please! 

Today I'm challenging myself to keep chronicling my momentarily boring life. I don't know if anyone even reads this other than my dad and Taso. I don't have followers or get comments or anything, and that makes sense. I don't have a nice camera or share my creative writing (anymore). I'm not particularly funny and I haven't been taking the time to share anything of interest for quite awhile now (employing the "if you don't have anything interesting/useful to say, don't write a blog post" mindset). But I started this as a journaling supplement and a personal record, and it is important to me to not be apathetic about it. So here's what's up with us: 

- B is on the final week of camp at the School of Rock. I resisted putting him in SOR for a long time because it just seemed so cheesy, but I am SO happy we went with it. He's over the moon. As much as he loves classical piano (and he really does), he loves discovering himself on guitar and drums, and playing his favorite songs. His band is called BADD and they have written a song, recorded a couple songs and made a music video. They're playing Neil Young and the Beatles and their "theory" classes consist of live footage of Jimi Hendrix and BB King. It's also apparent that he has outgrown the piano lessons he's been doing for the last few years and it's time to find serious, higher level classical training. 

- I've been doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I don't know why I'm embarrassed to say that, but I kind of am. Whatever, it feels good and I'm dedicated. I want to be a strong warrior woman who can survive the apocalypse with a baby on her back, but first I need to be able to do pushups. 

- I've gone gluten-free and cut way down on sugar. Just trying to battle the PCOs blues. I think it's working.

- We are still without a wedding venue, but we do know the date will be October 13th (yes, 2012). Yeah... I went through a couple months of hardcore hating everything about weddings and begging Taso to elope, but I'm trying to have a more positive outlook. Do you hear that, Universe?!

I guess that's really it, of note. I'll let you know when things get interesting. And maybe I'll take some pictures. 


  1. Hi there, FYI, I'm subscribing your blog from my google reader. It's my extreme laziness that prevents me from letting you know that I've always been fond of reading your lovely life, feeling like you are beside me and we're chatting with.
    --with Love, June from Ann Arbor.
    p.s. As someone who's been managing as peaceful and boring daily life as you are gone under, I'd say you feel blessed about having such a sweet family around you AND about working on something you think important after all. That's what I keep telling to myself. :)Miss you so.

  2. Guess what? You know I read your blog!
    Also, I miss you and want to see your shredded bod! :-)

  3. Der. You're an app in my phone for easy access and daily checkage

  4. I read it too--I think nobody comments on blogs anymore, though. At least mine has been silent for a while.