Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So in love.

While we wait for Missy's pictures of our wedding to come in (she took SO many, I can't imagine how overwhelmed she is right now), here are my favorite shots taken by me and my friends.

This was my friend June and her husband's first American wedding, and I think they were surprised by how informal it was. She said this shot perfectly summed up our wedding, and we did get a lot of other comments about Taso's shoes (mostly people thinking I lost that battle). Personally, I love that he wore a crisp pair of Nike SBs -- his shoe of choice as long as I've known him. It was more important to me that the day be personal and comfortable than anything else. We also thought his outfit had kind of a Tenenbaum vibe, which is appropriate.

My friend/usher Robin had the task of getting Polaroids of all our guests for our photo guest book. I love, love, love this shot of us. Me in a cardigan, Taso with a Mt. Dew in hand, looking super happy.

We snuck a couple shots on the elevator up to our hotel room at the end of the night. These may always be my favorite wedding pictures.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Princess Lasertron bouquets

I just want to show off Missy's pictures of my Princess Lasertron goodies. Megan made my bouquet and the boutonnieres, and sent me the materials to make the bridesmaids' bouquets on my own. I tried to make each one to fit the personality of the gal holding it, and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

I found buttons made out of recycled skateboard decks for the boutonnieres, as a nod to my groom's favorite pastime.

Just before the wedding my mom gave me a little trinket from my dad. I stuck it into my bouquet, which made me feel a little better that he couldn't be there. 

#apt2b and all my people

I've written at length about how important my former Brooklyn roommates are to me. They were my family when B left and I really, really, really needed family. They helped me through some really low points and they partied with me through some really high points. They are brilliant, hilarious, hot and super cool. No matter what happens or how far away they are, I will always love Samantha and Swinnerton.

Having them here Friday for all the final preparations, along with Missy, who has been my friend for most of my adult life, was one of the best things about my wedding. My best friend Justin and his boyfriend William hooked us up with a fancy day at the nicest spa (by far) that I've ever been to. We got wedding manicures and the boys treated me to a much needed facial. Just that week my skin went crazy with breakouts, hives, and extreme puffiness, and I had so much tension in my neck I could barely move. I spent the majority of the day on my phone coordinating things, but this little zen moment in the middle of it helped me step back and refocus on what was actually happening. I've never felt luckier than I did that weekend surrounded by friends and family who love me and support this next step I'm taking in my life. It was nice to feel a little fancy too. Missy took these lovely photos of the day that I can't stop looking at.

After the spa adventure we were feeling really good. We followed it up with lunch at my favorite restaurant/vegan paradise, Spiral Diner. A Spiral tip: always order the hummus and corn chips followed by the blue plate special. A vegan hot dog with quinoa + fixin's and vegan mac n' cheez is not the most clean, zen meal to follow a fancy spa day but it was free of animal products and unbelievably delicious. After the meal, my friends were troopers while I ran all my last minute errands and we slowly waded through Texas/OU weekend Dallas traffic. I took them to SMU, my alma mater, because Sam appreciates a beautiful campus and Swinny appreciates that they have Greer Garson's theater and permanent collection. That night we met up with Sam L., June, Candace, Louis and Meghan -- our closest New York friends who flew in from all over to be there that weekend -- and our best local friends, Wendy, Gregg and Britt, for karaoke. As I think back over that day, it all seems like a blur of driving, laughing and scream singing. I don't know if I soaked it in enough and appreciated everyone there enough. I keep reaching back into the recesses of my mind to pull out little memories of Sam singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart," Missy laughing till she snorts, and how happy Louis and Meghan looked. Did June sing? Did Wendy meet everyone? I wish I could always remember every detail of it. Please forgive my not-so-lovely random iPhone shots of the day. These are little moments I don't want to forget.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the way it should always be forever

The rehearsal dinner and few days surrounding my wedding were shared with my favorite people on earth. They came together from New York, Utah, Michigan, St. Louis, Austin and right here in DFW and filled my world with more happiness, laughter and love than I probably deserve. This is my heaven, all I could ever ask for in life. Most of these pictures were taken by the talented Missy Allen, that little peach holding the camera in the first shot.

Thursday I picked Missy, Swinny and Sam (#apt2b mates) up from the airport. We settled in and then headed to Fort Worth for a Tex-Mex patio rehearsal dinner (DFW only offers so much, I have to show off what I can). The New Yorkers quickly learned how much highway driving this state demands. I should also mention that I rented a Ford Expedition for the weekend so I could cart all my people around and it was like driving a school bus on a power trip. At first I hated it and then I hated myself for how much I loved it.

At dinner we met up with my best friends and family. It's sad that our busy daily lives keep us from seeing each other very often. I think my life would be so much richer if I made a point of hugging Justin weekly.

My best friend Gregg performed our wedding ceremony and I love him a little bit... if you can't tell.

After dinner I made everyone go to an obnoxious country bar just so I could see Swinnerton make this face when she saw Reba's dress. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Dress

I knew from the beginning that I wanted my grandma to make my wedding dress. I think I've known that on some level forever -- like there was never another option -- but never really thought about it. When it came up, the obvious answer was to design it myself and have her make it. The end result is exactly what my first sketches detailed. We went through four different versions of a mockup dress and two different bodices on the final dress before it was done, but my grandma's work was flawless. Stunning. The dress was perfect for me. 

Almost there:

I wanted the cut to be Grecian influenced (maybe I went a little far here, but I loved it), the fabric to be so light and flowy it felt like clouds, and my arms to be virtually invisible. I had to compromise on the last one, but I was still so happy with it. My grandma is a genius. 

In the end I found The Perfect Belt and Missy, my ultimate worst shopping influence, convinced me that I needed to spend an ungodly amount of money on a beautiful cardigan to wear at the reception. (She was right. I was SO happy to have it.) I'll post a good shot of the final product when I have all the pictures, but for now here it is... all wrinkled, worn and wind blown at the end of the night:

a very good place to start

So much has happened in the last month, I'm not really sure where to begin. I don't feel like just recounting everything chronologically, so instead I'll share little moments, stories and snapshots from the most exciting, exhausting and wonderful month in the history of this blog. 

 I'm a big fan of October anyway -- the freshness and undefinable excitement in the air. It reminds me of the Fitzgerald line, "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." I can't imagine a better time of year to be married! The early part of the month was spent welcoming Taso's Greek family to the U.S. for the first time and showing them around. B started up drum lessons and band practice, and I rushed around doing things like getting a passport and marriage license, designing my dress and spending every single dollar I made. Weddings are so much more expensive than I could have imagined. Even with our friends lending their skills, our families helping out in big ways, and our wedding kept as small and modest as possible, it was definitely a stretch making it happen. I decided that I wasn't going to stress and just let the chips fall where they may, which helped me focus more energy on family and friends, and still get stuff done at work and at home. I think I was pretty successful at being shrewd, decisive and unsentimental in my decision making. In that sense, I learned a lot about myself.
B at band practice, making Paris official 
crafting and collecting
trying on suits
Taso's dad showing off his shop to his sisters